Create Agreement

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To create an agreement select the Create Agreement button. A window similar to the below will then appear:


New rental agreement bar


An agreement number will be automatically allocated.


To create a booking, the minimum details that can be entered are the Group of Vehicle (as created in the Rates table), the date from and to and the customer details including the telephone no.


There are three ways of entering the customer information :-


1. Selecting an existing customer


Clicking the Search button next to the customer field will allow a customer to be selected from the customer database - this includes all dealership customers as well as those entered from within the hire system.  The customer details will then be displayed in the summary. If the customer has an account attached, the account no field will be automatically filled in with the account.


2. Select an Account


Selecting an account directly will select the account and fill in the details from the account details into the Summary field.


3. Type the customer details in


Typing a new customer into the boxes on the summary box will create a new customer record in the system.  However, this customer is only available for future us in the Hire Rental System.



If required a vehicle can be allocated to the agreement - this can be done at any time before hiring the vehicle out and can be done by either typing in the vehicle registration directly into the Vehicle Reg box or by searching for a vehicle using the Search button next to the Vehicle Reg No box.


Once a date range is entered, and a hire group is the pricing of the agreement is displayed on window :-


The pricing of the rental can be adjusted at any time during the agreement by one of three methods :-


1. Changing the Plan Code


The hire system supports a number of Plans.  In the rates table, there is a seperate set of rates per group of vehicle for each plan.  It is therefore possible to create multiple rates (eg Retail, Corporate, Staff etc) as appropriate.


2. Overriding the rate manually


The hire tariff is displayed, with each rate shown on window.  It is possible to overtype any of the prices and then click the "Calculate" button to recalculate the pricing.


3. Entering a percentage discount


Entering a percentage discount will discount the hire by this percent.



Collision Damage Waiver


CDW is added to the agreement by default unless the Customer Own Insurance box is ticked and the customer's own insurance details are typed in or selected on the Insurance Tab



Additional Options


It is possible to add additional options to the agreement (such as delivery charges, or items such as Baby Seats etc) by clicking the "Add" button and selecting an option from the list of options on the Rates Table. These can be configured to be a daily rate or a one-off charge per agreement :-




Selecting an option and clicking "Add" will then add it to the agreement.  One-off free-text special options can be added by clicking the "Add Special" button.


Other Details on Hire Agreement


A customer's purchase order no can be entered, which will be printed on all invoices.   Any special instructions can be entered, which will be printed on the Hire Agreement.   If the vehicle is to be returned to a different branch, then this can be selected.


You will see at the bottom of the window there are other tabs. These tabs are the following:


Summary - Customer details and rental costs

Drivers - Driver details

Insurance - Insurance details

Payments - Payment details

Notes - General notes, etc.

History - Agreement history.


At the top of the window you have the following buttons:

Confirm Booking - Confirm the rental agreement

Hire - Mark the vehicle out for rental

Invoice - Invoice the rental agreement

Print Agreement - Print the agreement

Cancel Appointment - Cancel the rental


On creating an agreement, only three options are available :- Confirm Booking, which will confirm the booking.   Cancel - which will cancel the agreement and Close.   If Close is selected, then the system will prompt if you wish to confirm the booking - if not then the agreement is left as a quotation and can be confirmed later if required.


Once an agreement is confirmed, the availability is removed from the diary.