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When clicking on the Search button on the Rental System menu, the search window is shown as below - this is the default window shown when entering the Rental System :-





Double clicking on a rental agreement will display that agreement and allow further processing.


This window displays all rental agreements which are due for activity in the selected date range (either due out or due back).    The report can be expanded to include closed agreements (those that are invoiced and paid) or only display bookings for that day.


If a historical date range is entered then historical agreements will be displayed (providing that the "Include Closed" tick box is selected).


If a customer name is entered, then the date range is ignored and all agreements matching the customer name are displayed.


There are two additional tabs that can also be displayed :-






This displays a list of all vehicles which are available to hire during the date range selected.  The list can be filtered on all columns.





The movements tab selects all agreements which are due out or to be returned during the date range in time order.   This gives a simple view of the activity for the day.