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Version 21.1.1 - Released 08/02/21




Volkswagen Group Lead Management System :  Navigator 360 is now fully certified for integration with VW Group's Lead Management System to receive and report back on leads from both Volkswagen, Audi, Seat &  Skoda as well as from Volkswagen Finance.


Volkswagen Interfaces Update : Interfaces for Elsa/Saga and DMS-I have been re-worked to function better in a Windows 10 environment on site.


Volkswagen : updates to the way vehicle price lists are uploaded. This is to increase performance when running overnight.  The import utility has been updated to only process the most recent Model Year's updates rather then every vehicle in every model year since 2010 which are in the file that is distributed from Volkswagen Group


Force 24 : New interface developed for Force 24 marketing agency


Judge Service : The Judge Service feed now picks up on backdated invoices and sends these on (it used to only work for invoices either forward dated or dated on the current date)


Honda : update to the ETL Aftersales feed for Honda to support more secure data feed.


Peugeot : Addition of CSI interface to Future Thinking for Peugeot


Citroen : When printing a batch of Service Job Cards, the Citroen specific job card will also print.


Motorvise: Interface added for Motorvise marketing agency


Ford: Interface added for WERS system which replaces Vista


Marketing : Updates to click-to-mail system to allow creation of new marketing letters more easily


Navigator Phone : Updates to Navigator Phone User interface, as well as addition of more supported phone systems


Prohire : Interface to Prohire Rental System to import batches of invoices into Navigator


Exports/Imports from outside the EU :  The system now reports better on the VAT report on imports/exports from outside of the EU (see here)


Navigator VHC : New Navigator Vehicle Health Check system - based on AutoVHC Engine.    (Note all current AutoVHC users will be upgraded to the Navigator specific version during Q1/21)


Workshop : It is now possible to split workshop diary by makes of vehicle (useful for multi-branded workshops) - please email to request.









Importing a nominal journal wasn't always importing the Notes column


Mis-setup of a customer record could have random "-1" within the nominal code, this has been updated to replace the -1 with zeros







Intermittent issue with customer addresses not showing correctly on screen






Updates have been made to the communications services at the datacentre to prevent multiple long running processes crashing the communications server and causing hanging of Navigator


Implementation of new load balancing to balance loading on Communications servers in the data centre


Additional Monitoring of queue length on the communications servers in the data centre to manage before they get full


Additional resiliance added to the Datacentre Communications servers to prevent them crashing under heavy load







Ford LMS leads were not importing fields which are then required when the lead is then updated back to Ford


Ford LMS Leads were not always being sent back to Ford correctly


Credit Card integration was not processing refunds correctly (an error was being received)


The interface to Reef was not working correctly


Ford LMS - Messages from Ford not being dequeued correctly


Volkswagen Group integration improved to prevent the factory option tables becoming huge and affecting performance of the vehicles system


Volkswagen Group integration improved to prevent the factory option tables becoming huge and affecting performance of the vehicles system


Update to Ford REACT! Interface required after Ford upgrade to BCM servers


Ford Price file downloaded from the BCM server each month was not processing correctly







If a vehicle is first searched for by Registration no, and then a new record is created, it should transfer the registration no entered to the vehicle then created. This was not always happening


When reporting on the Warranty Expiry date as part of a marketing campaign report, the date wasn't being displayed correctly on the report


Some email formatting was becoming corrupted, particularly those imported from Word documents or with complex formatting.  The internal third party control used to build these templates for sending emails








The accounting entries created when taking a deposit of Zero were not correct.  The accounting showed a discount of the part sale price instead.


If a part is credited from a job by selecting parts on a job in Parts Point of Sale, if a subsequent credit is to be done in the same way, the list of parts available to be credited is not always correct and double clicking on a part line didn't always credit that part line


Goods In of a special order or stock order was not always marking the order as complete and deleting it


Till drawer not opening automatically on some models of receipt printer setup


Goodsing in the same part no twice on a goods in was not working as expected


Sales 360





New option when creating an diary entry not to list task on the diary if it is a follow up.  Similarly, the display of diary entries which did not have a specific time of day has been tidied up


Issue whereby when creating an enquiry, the user isn't warned if the prospect already has an open enquiry


Updates to sales enquiries via API were sometimes causing the update not to happen and ultimately an infinite loop in the software causing performance issues with the system


Updates to sales enquiries via API were sometimes causing the update not to happen and ultimately an infinite loop in the software causing performance issues with the system


Internal issue with the indexing of messages attached to Sales Enquiries resolved.







On workshop job, if some of the job lines are not marked as "Complete", marking the first line as complete would have marked the whole job as complete.


Returning a temporary loan car did not always delete the loan car from the system so it couldn't then be reallocated


Intermittent issue with creating a workshop job with a new customer and vehicle where the job is not fully created and the screen would hang


When viewing the diary, if the option to view the MOT Bay diary was selected, this wasn't always displaying the MOT diary for the date displayed for the main diary


The end of day SMS booking reminder formatting was not correct when blank lines were setup in the SMS message.


Digitally Signed copies of Service Job Cards were not available to be viewed from within the workshop job


Vehicle Key Tag no wasn't printing correctly on job cards


Workshop credit notes to customers marked with a Sales Category other than "Retail" were not being analysed correctly if the credit note was invoiced to an "Other Account"


When viewing a warranty claim on a Sales Vehicle, the vehicle details on screen were not showing correctly








Delivering a vehicle did not always properly create and index the vehicle against the customer in the marketing system


If a vehicle is added to used stock which is already on the system, there was a warning that the vehicle was already in the marketing system but no details were displayed and the vehicle then created wasn't fully populated.


If a vehicle is a Part exchange and was appraised as part of the sales enquiry process, the appraisal was not always available to be displayed from within the stock record.


Importing a file of vehicle updates would sometimes generate an error even though the file is valid


Errors displayed on screen when importing a file have been removed


Entering a finance commission on a Sales Order wasn't transferring this to the vehicle record and requiring it to be re-entered


Statement of Account not correct for some Qualifying Vehicles


When importing an update file, if the vehicle has an update, but does not already have a registration date, then the registration date was being erroneously set to the current date


Display of User defined fields in the vehicles system was not always clean on screen.










Version 20.1.4


Major Updates


Online Integrated Payment Solution


Navigator now has the ability to allow online payments for Service Invoices and Vehicle Deposits.  Please see here for more information


Navigator Digital Contracts


Navigator now has the ability to create documentation for online Digital Signature - this is implemented for Sales Orders and Workshoip Job cards.  Emails can be sent to the customer to request signature and the digitally signed signature is saved to the job card or Vehicle Record automatically.


This is fully integrated with the Sales 360 process, and neatly links with the Online Integrated Payments solution so - for example - a Sales Order can be created using Sales 360, and the order emailed for signature.  When the customer signs they are automatically taken to the online payments web page to make the payment.    The signed order is returned to Navigator automatically and the payment of the deposit recorded. The Sales Executive is automatically advised that this has happened.


For more information please click here


Autotrader Integration (still in testing)


This software integrates with the new Autotrader technical platform to allow Autotrader adverts to be created and maintained automatically from Navigator - so oce created any changes made (eg a price change) are automatically uploaded to Autotrader.  


For more information please click here  - note that this feature is not expected to be available until June 2020.


Navigator Phone Integration


The existing Telephone integration within Navigator has been extended to support more phone systems.  This integrates the phone ringing on the desk with a screen pop which searches for the customer and highlights any open workshop jobs or sales enquires in the system which can be accessed in a single click.  Many systems also support click-to-dial.



Other Updates


General - Email Templates - when inserting an image into an Email, it is now possible to create link to a web page that will open when the recipient clicks on it

General - updated security on Navigator internal passwords.

Purchase Ledger - Transaction List now shows invoice notes

Sales 360 - full order book can only be viewed if the user has full Sales Managers Access

Sales 360 - Integrated Online Payments system integrated in to collect Deposits on Sales Orders

Sales Ledger - Invoice posting  - If an account is suspended this is now shown on screen when posting an invoice

Utilities - API Key generation - API keys now have extra descriptive information attached to them

Vehicle Admin - Autotrader Interface - utility added to synchronise vehicles on Autotrader with Navigator.

Vehicle Admin - Integration with new Autotrader systems  completed (still in beta release)

Workshop - Job Processing - Allocating parts to job lines - all deposits and deposit credits are now automatically allocated

Workshop - Job View - The Customer Account No is now displayed on screen if the customer has a credit account

Workshop - Quotations can now be printed and emailed.

Workshop - There is now a warning about jobs the loan car is assigned to when deleting the loan car from the system


Bug Fixes






General - Emails - if an image was entered without a URL to link to the image wouldn't be attached to the email when sent.


Marketing - Customer Record - Workshop Profile - the setup of certain discount levels eg Parts at cost + percentage, were not always displaying correctly once entered


Marketing - searching for a customer record by registration number was not always working if the customer had multiple vehicles and the first vehicle on the customer record was deleted


Navigator Digital Contract - Bugs relating to the combination of Digital Contracts and online Payments being used together resolved.


Navigator Digital Signature - Sales Order now sends to the business email if a personal email isn't present.


Navigator Integrated Online Payments - Removing the ability for a customer to pay twice by clicking on the link in the email twice.


Parts - a part could be added to the point of sale multiple times - and stock could be sold multiple times without warning.


Parts - Goods in - wasn't exiting the Goods in screen on completion of a goods in


Parts - Point of Sales - Issues with Exchange unit surcharges not showing correctly on screen resolved.


Purchase Ledger - the account search function no longer shows accounts that are setup only in another company


Retail System - Point of Sale - Zero Rated Products were not being displayed correctly on screen


Sales 360 - All Enquiries list - if a filter is applied and then an enquiry is selected to view, the filter is retained after closing the enquiry.


Sales 360 - Creating an Appointment would sometimes give a strange error message relating to the time being invalid


Sales 360 - if a reminder is entered with no next contact date, the system was continuously reminding to review it


Sales 360 - if selling a vehicle from price list and creating a stock record, the profit on the approval screen on the sales order is wrong if viewed again after raising the order.


Sales 360 - on occasion the vehicle price on screen differed to the invoice price by 1 penny due to rounding differences. This has been resolved.


Sales 360 - Sending emails and attaching images - the button bar confusingly had two buttons that appear to add images but only one worked.  The other has now been removed.


Sales 360 - Sending emails and attaching images - the button bar confusingly had two buttons that appear to add images but only one worked.  The other has now been removed.


Sales 360 - When recording a contact it is now possible to enter a time for contact


VAt Return - Making Tax Digital - error message when completing the vat return has bee resolved.


Vehicle Admin  - Autotrader - updates made following testing with Autotrader


Vehicle Admin - Adding a used vehicle on the system wasn't checking correctly if the vehicle was already on the system and not warning all the time


Vehicle Admin - Online Payments System bugs resolved.


Vehicle Admin - Staff who haven't the option on their profile to allocate a registration cannot update the registration on a used vehicle


Vehicle Admin - The audit trail wasn't auditing removal of a registration no,, a vehicle being delivered or some changes made by importing an update from from a spreadsheet - all have now been resolved.


Vehicle Admin - The vehicle category was autoselecting incorrectly on occasion


Vehicle Admin - when updating the price list, the option to reprice existing stock now pops up all the time


Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - if a vehicle was discounted and the detailed analysis was displayed, on screen, the order didn't appear to add up - this behaviour has been resolved


Vheicle Admin - Advertising Tab - it was not possible to remove an attention grabber or notes field once entered. This is now resolved.


Workshop - bugs in the new automated job lines parameter have been resolved


Workshop - credit card integration - no longer asks for credit card if the invoice value is zero,


Workshop - Digital Service Reception - various bugs resolved - including GDPR tick boxes not updating, additional phone nos not saving and comments not saving correctly


Workshop - In the Channel Islands only - there was an issue where service history was getting jumbled between vehicles which had the same registration no entered.


Workshop - Job Processing - when completing the pre-checking of a job card a note is added to the job that this has been done by way of audit


Workshop - Reception - if the workshop job list option is selected for report option, it is now possible to export the job list to excel


Workshop - Technicians Setup - issues with saving addresses and other items on the setup now  resolved



hmtoggle_plus1Version 19.3.8


Release 19.3.8 has the following major updates :-
Document Archiving Updates
A new scanning solution is now delivered with this update, with an updated user interface and full integration with Navigator.  It also includes :-


Ability to support any scanner

Ability to drag and drop documents rather than scan (useful when invoices are received by email)

Full integration with Various parts of the system (customer record, vehicle record, purchase invoice etc)

Retrieval of documents now integrated better

New internal storage solution

To switch the features on, please contact


Integrated Credit Card Solution


Navigator now has full integration with POS terminals with the benefits of :-


Ensuring all transactions are processed in Navigator

Removing mis-keyed values

Easy reconciliation

Integration is Free of Charge

For further information please click here


Computer / Telephone Integration


Navigator now fully supports a number of third party telephone systems as well as Navigator Phone
Judge Service
Navigator now supports integration with Judge Service for :-


ProAct - a re-engagement platform for "lost" sales leads

React - a CSI platform for Vehicle Sales

React Aftersales - a CSI platform for Workshop

       Click here for more information
New Web Services for Vehicle and Lead Integration
This allows a dealer's web site and third party applications to easily integrate with Navigator Sales 360 to input leads instantly into Navigator - see here for more information. Please contact to discuss further.
Detailed Update List



Release Notes


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Setup - Import utility created for Shortcuts


Assets - Screen display for the asset wasn't fitting on lower resolution screens


Assets System - Updating an Asset - if multiple details of an Asset were updated in one go, some of these may go unsaved.


Cash Book - There are now totals displayed at the bottom of the unreconciled / reconciled totals


Credit Card Integration - addition of Refund processing


CTI - Addition of Bicom Communicator third party phone system


CTI - Navigator now supports Telephone System integration with a number of third party telephone systems


CTI - When an incoming call arrives, the incoming phone no is now reviewed in Sales Enquiries, Workshop Job Cards and Parts Orders to suggest why the person is calling


Document Archiving - New Scanning System introduced


Internal reorganisation of system libraries in Navigator


Marketing - error with entering an address to a business record now corrected


Marketing - Issues with SMS templates not working as expected now resolved


Marketing - Updates made to support Office 2016 for letter creationm/editing


Marketing - Updates to Mass MOT Update routines to work with supplier updated


Marketing - Updates to MOT update changed in line with Supplier change


Marketing - when adding a vehicle, potential duplicates are selected using the VIN (Chassis) no as well as the Registration no


Nominal Ledger - Posting a journal - the total shown at the bottom of the screen is now correct


not for general release


Parts - Managers Toolkit - History report - now works


Parts - Point of Sale - Prepick System - it is now possible to abort pre-picking


Parts - Point of Sale - Printing receipts - issue where the decimal point is missing on the print has been resolved


Parts - Returning Old Units - bug whereby an old unit would be returned at the price of the part not the surcharge now resolved


Retail - EPOS - random crashing now resolved


Retail - EPOS - random crashing now resolved


Retail System - products can now be created on goods in


Sales 360 - Addition of Customer Information Form for FCA compliance (not available generally)


Sales 360 - Error with Diary appointments not being able to be reviewed now resolved


Sales 360 - Lost Enquiries now allow the entry and follow up of lost sales in the future


Sales 360 - Prevent Customer Information form being printed if no information entered


Sales 360 - Quotations were not time stamped and hence were not showing in order on the Enquiry History


Sales 360 - Sales Appointments now show in the Manager's Diary


Sales 360 - Updates to Customer Information form (not for general release)


Sales 360 - Updates to field validation in Customer Information Form


Sales 360 - when amending an existing appointment it is no longer possible to enter a historical appointment date


Sales Ledger - Issues with emailing statements now resolved


Staff Records - an issue with adding staff members to a sales team is now resolved


Staff Records - it is now not possible to create a staff record without assigning at least one branch


Staff Records - Users with no permissions no longer have any access to Navigator (even those with no permissions required)


Staff Records -The initial password entered against a staff record is now verified using Password Validation Rules


Systems - Staff Creation - Welcome email now sent to new staff members


Vehicles - Addition of Cap Valuation to the Vehicle record and appraisal


Vehicles - addition of other third party valuations (for furture release)


Vehicles - Boat Name not showing on Vehicle when creating


Vehicles - CAP ID was set to a currency feel


Vehicles - error with opening a vehicle record without a CAP ID when automatic cap verification is switched on now resolved


Vehicles - issues with the CAP Service not working now resolved


Vehicles - Posting a purchase invoice to a vehicle using the GANI, a scanning sheet is no longer printed


Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - the order of the tabs on the vehicle order form has been updated


Vehicles - The option to Reserve a Vehicle for a customer now works as intended


Vehicles - Warranty Details now store correctly


Workshop -  Quotations - Extended the Parts Quotation to allow Labour to be added and then to be able to converted to a workshop job.


Workshop - Digital Service Reception - Various issues now resolved


Workshop - Job Card Processing - Sub contract jobs now show the goods in reference for the sub contracted work


Workshop - MOT Diary display on Reception screen, the diary date wasn't moving when the date was updated


Workshop - updated for new Document Archiving Solution




hmtoggle_plus1Version 19.2.13
This is a roll up release up patch updates since the release of 19.2.9



Release Note


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Setup - Import utility created for Shortcuts see here


Accounts - Sales Ledger - It is now possible to import batches from third party systems which have been generated for importing to Sale Line 50. See here


Assets system - Posting a purchase invoice- the VAT was erroneously posted to nominal code -updated to post to


Assets System - screen display for the asset wasn't fitting on lower resolution screens


Assets System - Updating an Asset - if multiple details of an Asset were updated in one go, some of these may go unsaved.


Interfaces - IHS - "Polk" interface updated to correct issue with PDI work not being uploaded with the customer name on it if the PDI was completed after handover (this was causing an issue for IHS)


Interfaces - Updates made to JUDGE SERVICE feed to update ProAct and Aftersales feeds


Interfaces - Vital Software - Only Navigator generated invoices are now sent to Vital (ie excluding Data Migration data which has insufficient information)


Interfaces - Vital Software - remove commas from data being sent (was causing issues with the data format)


Interfaces - PSA - CIS Report now includes all invoices


Marketing - ACM - Update to create a parameter to define the no of days between a service and mot for them to come as a single reminder


Marketing - Customer search wasn't recognising some customers as having multiple vehicles when searching


Parts - Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - reverse a previous update which was causing parts being booked to jobs to be reported.


Parts - Cannot access deleted parts records in Parts Sales


Parts - Sales - If a delivery address is entered then this is printed otherwise it now leaves the delivery box blank


Parts - Managers Stock List - intermittent failure of this report with an error now resolved


Vehicles - Boat dealers - The boat name could not be entered when creating a stock record


Vehicles - update to system to prevent erroneous postings being made to invalid nominal ledger departments


Vehicles - Delivering and then undelivering a vehicle would sometimes create a duplicate marketing record when the vehicle was re-delivered


Vehicles - Handover diary - Now updated to show Registration no of vehicle, and sales persons initials as well as tidying up of the display


Web Feeds - Integration with AutoLoadIT for automated download of images to Navigator from AutloadIT turntable


Web feeds - update to Gforces feed to upload Commercial Vehicles correctly


Web Services - The Technicians Clock Card Report now available as a web service



hmtoggle_plus1Version 19.2.9


This release is a roll-up maintenance release



Release Note


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - When Posting a purchase invoice and Allocating to Gani, it wasn't possible to part-allocate to a GANI entry when posting


Interfaces - Fiat - Update to Loyalty Logistix upload routines to migrate to secure upload


General - Updates to Till Reconciliation and Nominal Ledger transactions for bankings to include Credit Card Transaction No


Accounts - Vat Return - Multiple companies which share a Vat Number now have all company vat returns completed in one go (inter company entries are generated and the payment made from the company the user closes the vat return)


General - Updates to Workshop Till Reconciliation (related to 1158 above)


Accounts - Resolves an issue with corrupted nominal codes being used when posting a vehicle receipt


Vehicles - Posting Part Exchange Settlements were sometimes posting to an incorrect nominal code


Workshop - clock card issues for 24 hour workshops where technicians are clocked onto jobs over midnight (it was allocating idle and clock time to the wrong days)


Interfaces - Fiat - CSI Report was not working


Parts - Invoice Report - issue with parts being booked to job appearing on the report (which in turn was causing issues with the DOC) now corrected


Accounts - Nominal journals to the VAT accounts now requests a VAT Turnover figure to add to the VAT report (required for Making Tax Digital)


Interfaces - PSA - CSI report was not working


Marketing - Campaigns - when sending bulk SMSs - the description entered into the customer history record did not cross reference the campaign no


Vehicles - Stock List - Guide Price and Previous Price fields were being displayed without a decimal point


Vehicles - Incorrect advisory error of No Purchase Price entered when closing a deal now resolved


Workshop - issues with technicians clock card corrupting after crediting invoices resolved


Workshop- Digital Service Reception - Updates to job card made (specifically to support Skoda Dealer Standards)


Workshop - It is now no longer possible to to update a technicians clocking on a job if he is clocked onto that job currently


Workshop - Invoice report was not always showing the correct hours taken (this relates to 24 hour workshops)


Workshop - Technicians Time Analysis report not showing the job no correctly at times


Webservices - The Clock Card Report is now available as a web service for external reporting purposes


Sales 360 - The Colour of the vehicle required was not displaying when a vehicle is selected


Vehicles - Sales Order - Issues relating to the Part exchange value being pulled incorrectly back from the Appraisal when viewed.  This now only updates the Sales Order if the figures on the appraisal are updated


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Journal Posting - The quantity column on the report showing the posting entered or imported was blank.


Vehicles - Parameters - Changes made to Factory Option pricing were not always saving


Marketing - Customer search - some customers with multiple vehicles are not able to have all vehicles searched by registration no


hmtoggle_plus1Version 19.2.6
This release includes 180 individual updates, including 125 Bug fixes.   It is largely a maintenance release, but has several key feature updates including :-


A New Email system throughout - enabling "HTML" emails including images and font changes etc. All email now is sent through a third party emailer to enable more reliable delivery

Updates to all reports - to allow updating in background (which enables Navigator to be continued to be used whilst reports are running).  Nearly all reports can now be exported to Excel and nearly all have the extended Filter bar present.

A New ACM - this is a complete re-write of the ACM.    Whilst in the release, it is not switched on by default - we hope to contact and migrate all users in the coming months.

Updates to the Vehicles system for storing images and advertising details, and a new web service to allow easy upload to web sites (already supported by a number of third party web site providers)

A migration to the latest version of Microsoft and other third party tools used in Navigator - this improves some of the layout, colour schemes etc.

Contains the Making Tax Digital updates - see here

Implementation of Credit Card integration interface

Improvements in security of system access

The detailed list is at :-



Release Note


Accounts - Back posting prevention date - the back posting prevention date was not applying to Sales/Purchase Ledger posting. This now works.


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - when importing a journal the total in the bottom right hand corner "Balance" box does not match the total in the report column. This is now resolved.


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - when posting an invoice, if the invoice had been posted previously this was not always being reported


Accounts - Sales ledger - backdated debtors list adjusted to work better with unallocated payments


Accounts - Sales Ledger - When creating a Sales Ledger Manual invoice, there is an option to change the address on the specific invoice. This address wasn't printed on the invoice when generated


Accounts - Cash Book - Clicking Print was crashing Navigator on occasion


Accounts - Double click in nominal linking was selecting the incorrect row when filtered. it now selects the correct row


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - If the Reverse Journal tick box is selected then confirmation is requested before continuing


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - It was not possible to correct a line already entered


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - Totals on Creditors report now show correctly


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Trial Balance - Lines with zero balances on all lines are no longer displayed on the Trial Balance


Accounts - Both Detailed Debtors and Creditors report updated to show historical balances correctly


Accounts - Sales Ledger - issues relating to statements not being emailed resolved


Accounts - Sales Ledger - email moved to new email system


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - issues with consolidated payments making multiple entries to the cash book resolved


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - copies of remittance advices where the payment has been made by Direct Debit did not always show the correct list of invoices the payment has been allocated to


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - updates to Detailed Creditors list, also updates to the way that unallocated payments are displayed on the account have been made to enable easier visibility of historical allocations


Accounts - Nominal ledger - drilling into an extended nominal code now shows only the transactions for that detailed code


Accounts - Sales Ledger - it was impossible to remove an account from Auto Suspending once it had be configured to do so


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - if you listed the list of recurring journals and then added one, the list could not be refreshed. This is resolved


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Scheduled nominal reports can now be run using a "masked" nominal code, eg *.30.60.80


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - Detailled Creditors List - would sometimes print creditors for another company


Accounts - Nominal ledger - further updates to the trial balance to only show codes with a balance


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - Invoice posting - when allocating to the GANI the total amount allocated was not always showing correctly


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - when posting a payment the running total of the amount allocated wasn't always updating


Accounts - Sales Ledger - clicking Details > View customer was displaying an error


Accounts - Cash Book - when reconciling a transaction, the screen was refreshing and the user was returned to the top of the list of transactions.  Now the user stays on the line they were on.


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - on some occasion the trial balance could miss lines where the YTD balance was zero but there were transactions within the year in different periods - this is now resolved.


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - Trial Balance - the column widths on the trial balance were not always wide enough to display the information within the columns


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - Creditors List - it wasn't possible to double click on a line to view the account


Accounts - Nominal Linking - this has now been improved so lines can be double-clicked, multi-selected or drag-dropped to link


Accounts - Purchase Ledger - double clicking on a transaction on an account would not always display the transaction correctly


Accounts - Nominal Linking - further updates (see 5128 above)


Accounts - Nominal Ledger - "Reverse Journal" button wasn't working in initial release






Marketing - ACM - Telephone Method - when updating the telephone screen and selecting next, the details did not save. This has now been resolved.


Marketing - Campaigns - it was not possible to run a Marketing campaign selecting for customers financed with a specific finance company - this now works.


Marketing - Customer records - if the business address was non-UK it wasn't displaying the address


Marketing - Merging Records - the merging of SL accounts would not bring any of the information across and would lose the vehicle records. This now works.


Marketing - Searching Customers/Vehicles by Registration No. was displaying customer records who historically owned the vehicle even though it was deleted from their record


Marketing - Update to MOT Check Service to speed it up when running large batches of checks


Marketing/ACM - when uploading an image larger than 200kb an error messaged displayed. This is now resolved.


Marketing - Campaigns selecting on Service Invoice Date from/to were not selecting correctly


Marketing - Adding a new vehicle to an existing customer was not always working


Marketing - Campaigns selecting on Service Invoice Date from/to were not selecting correctly


Marketing - Creating an additional vehicle on an existing record was failing


Marketing - Customer Record - Service History is now sorted in date order correctly


Marketing - Customer Record - the customer name now correctly converts to upper/lower case


Marketing - sending a £ sign in a text message - the £ sign was being sent as a ? instead


Marketing - searching for customers by name where the customer has several vehicles on his record, was not always showing that the customer had multiple vehicles


Marketing - Campaigns - GDPR options are now able to be reported on in a Campaign Report


Marketing - Vehicle Record - when delivering a vehicle, the stock number wasn't being copied onto the customer's vehicle record


Marketing - Customer Record - Parts Profile - it was not possible to remove a Cost+ % discount from a customer record.


Marketing - Customer Record - the MOT and Service reminder dates are now audited so changes can be logged


Marketing - Customer Record - clicking the "Clear Personal" button on the Business Tab wasn't clearing the address on the personal record


Marketing - Vehicle Record - selecting "Tourer" as vehicle type should self populate the registration no with a reference.  It now does once more


Marketing - Business Record - preferred method of contact was defaulting to SMS


Marketing - If a Vehicle on a customer is marked as "Replaced" and there was an open job card, even though there is a warning on screen it still allowed the vehicle to be replaced. This is now no longer allowed.


Marketing - New ACM system (which will not be available in this release but shortly after) - changes to switch between MOT and Service Required


Marketing - New ACM - if a customer was updated from belonging in one branch to another, the ACM record was not transferring to the new branch.   This will do so in the New ACM when released


Marketing - Viewing vehicle service history would sometimes display service bookings not related to the vehicle being displayed.  This has now been resolved.


Marketing - Vehicle history display - the vehicle history has now been updated to index history by Chassis no, so changes in registration no etc will not have any effect on the service history display.


Marketing - clicking on the "map" button was not working (due to a change in the web address used by supplier of the mapping)


Marketing - Vehicle Record - if a warranty company was manually entered, this was not being saved back to the record.


Marketing - intermittently Navigator would crash when creating a new customer / Vehicle after VRMing the vehicle


Marketing - New ACM - new reports written for this (not yet released)


Marketing - it was not possible to upload files to a customer record.  You can now do so


Marketing - internal tool written to mass check vehicle MOT dates against the VOSA database


Marketing - when updating a vehicle registration no and re-vrming to retrieve the vehicle details, this was sometimes not working


Marketing - IHS (Polk) interface updated to correctly send business name details


Marketing - Campaigns - if a secondary selection was added, it was not possible to then remove this.


Marketing - Creating a new vehicle wasn't displaying the VRM button (which meant two clicks to VRM the data)


Marketing - It is now possible to update Letter Templates using MS-Word.




Parts - Discounting using Extended Discount Tables wasn't discounting


Parts - Goods In - it was possible to goods in a fractional quantity of any part (not just those where fractions were allowed)


Parts - Goods in - when processing a goods in, the screen did not clear - leaving the previous information on screen. This now works.


Parts - New Reorder Category on Products for Manufacturer Auto Replenishment


Parts - POS - if a delivery address was entered, it was not displaying on the parts invoice. This now works.


Parts - Audit trail - this can no longer be sorted and is shown in transaction sequence


Parts - Creating a full stock check did not always create all the pages correctly for inputting the stock check sheets


Parts - when selling multiple quantities of parts, the system was sometimes displaying a Negative Stock message when there was sufficient products in stock to complete the sale.


Parts - Audit trail sort order updated (was in document order which wasn't correct)



Retail - EPOS - Vat Inclusive Price was not always calculating correctly (was sometimes out by 1p)


Sales 360 - When creating a new enquiry, the customer address entered was not always being updated as entered


Sales 360 - Managers Toolkit- Enquiry Analysis report updated to run without locking the screen whilst it runs



Sales 360 - Creating an Enquiry now saves the time of creation (for reporting purposes)


Sales 360 - Order Book - Viewing a vehicle record from the Order book was not respecting the Staff setup


Sales 360 - Allocating an Enquiry to another member of staff now closes the Enquiry automatically


Sales 360 - Adding multiple Part Exchanges was not showing all Part Exchanges in the Part Exchange summary screen


Sales 360 - Closing an Enquiry and entering a follow up date was not generating a follow up in all occasions


Sales 360 - Appraisals - if the vehicle is marked as having a full service history, this flag was not being transferred to the PX Vehicle record when created


Sales 360 - Adding a PX wasn't always giving the option to VRM the PX from it's registration no


Sales 360 - Extending a test drive was not updating the diary display on screen


Sales 360 - issue with error message displaying on entry to Sales 360 resolved


Sales 360 - feature to select a model of interest rather than a specific vehicle added back in (it was removed in error)


Sales 360 - Recording a contact, the "time" of next contact now removed.


Sales 360 - When selecting a vehicle of interest, the colour was filling in the registration number box


Sales 360 - Individual Emails and SMS now updated in the showroom log for reporting purposes






Third Party - Web Site Feeds Process updated for third party web designers (see Vehicle Web Service)


Vehicle Admin  - it is now possible to email a copy of a sales order (previously this wasn't functioning)


Vehicle Admin - It is no longer able to post Supplementary invoices after a deal has been marked as closed.


Vehicle Admin - Stock List - the invoice date on the stock list was not being removed when the vehicle invoice was credited


Vehicle Admin - Warranty Description is now populating on the customer record when the vehicle is delivered


Vehicle Admin - Adding a used vehicle was defaulting the Advertise on Web flag incorrectly


Vehicle Admin - Cash Flow report was not working


Vehicle Admin - Date in stock wasn't always displaying on the vehicle record


Vehicle Admin - PX - Accepting a Part exchange manually ( as opposed to when delivering the outgoing vehicle) was not displaying an error if it was unable to complete


Vehicle Admin - uploading vehicle images to a stock record improved


Vehicle Admin - It was not possible to assign a category to a vehicle in the price list setup


Vehicle Admin - Completing purchase orders now allows posting direct to Purchase Ledger rather than always going to the GANI


Vehicle Admin - when posting a settlement payment, if there are multiple bank accounts available to pay from this can be selected when posting the settlement


Vehicle Admin - Updating Price lists - an error meaning it wasn't possible to always update the retail price of factory options is resolved


Vehicle Admin - Stock list - an issue where random old deals appear on a current stock list are resolved


Vehicle Admin - Sales Order - The order notes box did not have a scroll bar to be able to see long notes.


Vehicle Admin - Vehicle Purchase Order was not populating the purchase pricing


Vehicle Admin - When accepting a vehicle into stock a number of "tick" boxes have been added which update relevant statuses on the vehicle record (eg V5 present)


Vehicle Admin - Proforma invoice sometimes displayed the vehicle description several times in error


Vehicle Admin - Stock list - when sorting by stock no this is now in strict numeric order (historically would be 1,11,12,2)


Vehicle Admin - Actions report - updated to new look and feel


Vehicle Admin - Parameters - Stock list - it is now easier to move fields around on the stock lists setup


Vehicle Admin - It is now no longer possible to raise a Supplementary Invoice on a Closed deal without first re-opening it


Vehicle Admin - if you UnAdopted a vehicle, the "Unadopt" button text didn't change to "Adopt" until you saved and reloaded the record


Vehicle Admin - if a vehicle has an open job card at the point of delivery, the next service and MOT dates were not then being updated on the customer when the job was then closed.  This has been corrected.


Vehicle Admin - Service history was not always showing on Stock records - this relates to a general change in the system whereby Service history is now searched by chassis no rather than registration no.  Service records on PDI's were not always recording the chassis no of the vehicle (as the vehicle didn't always have a chassis no when the job card was created)


Vehicle Admin - uploading images to vehicle records was not always saving the image


Vehicle Admin - Vehicles marked as "Closed - Pending Payment" were only displayed if clicking "Closed deals" on the vehicle search screen. They now display even if only searching for open deals


Vehicle Admin - Parameters - Warranty & Receipt Type tables - when adding a line these were not displaying until Navigator was closed and re-opened


Vehicle Admin - Stock Search/Stock List - Option to Select all vehicle types (eg cards and commercials) was missing - this is now there/


Vehicle Admin  - Importing Vehicle Updates - some fields were not updating correctly


Vehicle Admin - after closing a vehicle record, the search screen returns to be able to enter the next stock no (without having to first click in the stock no box)


Vehicle Admin - The "Advertise on Web site" tick box was working back-to-front, this is now resolved


Vehicle Admin - The ability to close a deal in another branch had been lost - it is now back


Vehicle Admin - Further updates to the Advertise on Web site tick box (see 5190)


Vehicle Admin - Source of Supply field was being updated with a staff member's name


Vehicle Admin - Delivering and then un-delivering a vehicle was creating two records on the customer record for the vehicle


Vehicle Admin - Delivering a vehicle to a customer who had a single deleted vehicle would mean the delivered vehicle would not be searchable.





Workshop - In certain circumstances, when processing an MOT in workshop, the MOT Expiry date was not always being automatically moved by 12 months


Workshop - Invoicing - if a vehicle mileage was updated on generating a Proforma the mileage wasn't updating the customer's Vehicle Record


Workshop - it is now possible to switch a techinician from one non-productive code to another which requires management authorisation (previously it was necessary to clock out and back in)


Workshop - it was not possible to create a parts special order from a workshop job when the job was an Appointment


Workshop - Loan Cars - loan cars we disappearing and were having to be re-instated. This is now resolved.


Workshop - Pound notes entered in job descriptions were showing on screen and in some prints as Question Marks


Workshop - Quick Links - the quick link for Service reception was not active. This now works.


Workshop - Sales Appointment - when scheduling a Sales Appointment, the time was not being deducted from the workshop diary. This now works.


Workshop - Service Reception - Navigator would crash and close due to the auto refreshing of the service reception screen. This has now been resolved.


Workshop - Technicians clock - when clocking onto a job the "clock onto a specific job line" dialog box will submarine so you couldn't access it. This has now been resolved.


Workshop - the Parts tab on the workshop job now refreshes automatically to show parts that are on order for the job (this didn't display correctly until the point of invoice previously)


Workshop - WIP Report - the time taken was not displaying correctly. This is now resolved.


Workshop - Error message was popping up when cancelling an appointment


Workshop - Navigator sometimes randomly closes several seconds after closing Service Reception window


Workshop - Parts list was not always pricing parts correctly


Workshop - Courtesy Cars - it is no longer able to allocate a courtesy loan vehicle to a historical workshop booking


Workshop - Courtesy Cars - if a courtesy loan vehicle was allocated at the time of making a booking , the vehicle was not showing as booked to that job


Workshop - Proforma Invoicing - if the service and MOT expiry dates were updated when doing a Proforma, these were not being saved


Workshop - Customer Parts discount wasn't always applied to workshop invoices


Workshop - When completing an MOT the MOT date wasn't always being updated correctly for 1 year


Workshop - Parts list - this list can now be filtered and exported to spreadsheet.


Workshop - Loan Car history report now shows all temporary loan cars used in the period


Workshop - Unable to add a vehicle to an existing customer record when creating a booking


Workshop - Additional Collection/Delivery instructions were not always saving


Workshop - Unable to add a new courtesy car by clicking "VRM" after entering the registration no


Workshop - History - the Job Booked by would sometimes show the person who accepted the job in - not who created it


Workshop - The suggested Next Service date was sometimes being miscalculated when releasing a job


Workshop - When allocating a specific loan car to a job this wasn't displaying on screen when confirming the appointment (though the loan cars was being reserved)


Workshop - It used to be possible to copy-paste from some of the vehicle fields on the workshop job (eg reg no) - some changes in the look and feel user interface lost this functionality - it is now back.


Workshop - Job descriptions which contain a £ sign were showing as a ?


Workshop - Service invoices to Business addresses were not displaying the house no of the business in the address on the invoice


Workshop - Invoices which are generated to non-UK individuals can print the VAT Reg No or Passport no for VAT purposes.  This was not always printing correctly


Workshop - Changing the owner of a vehicle when creating a booking was not working


Workshop - Futher updates to improved Service/MOT date forecasting


Workshop - Techs Clocking Report - some columns were too short to display the information in them


Workshop - Service Reception screen was not always automatically refreshing


Workshop - Standard Jobs - there was an error if you tried to create a standard job with a zero standard time


Workshop - Proforma Invoicing - if updating the mileage and then creating a pro-forma invoice - the mileage was not being saved


Workshop - Invoice Report wasn't reporting Time Taken on Bodyshop insurance jobs


Workshop - Manually adding Technicians clocking whilst that Technician was clocked on the job was corrupting the clockings on the job card


Workshop - Till reconciliation report has been re-written to display Receipts and not invoices.  Therefore jobs  that have been invoiced and credited before release will only display the final payment.  There have also been adjustments relating to the way deposits on jobs are handled to make this neater.


Workshop - Technicians name show on the Job search list (this was missing in the earlier release)


Workshop - Loan car forms now only print when there is a loan car allocated (was printing when there wasn't a loan car on early versions of the release)




Assets System - Contract Invoicing - the list of invoices to be raised now displays the Vehicle Registration no and contract no on each line


Assets System - Contract Setup - the Invoice Narrative Field was not being saved when entered when creating the contract


Assets System - Hire Agreement creation - customer addresses manually entered were not always being saved


Assets System - Posting Maintenance invoices - it wasn't possible to direct post to the purchase ledger an invoice with zero vat (eg an MOT)



Setup - it is now possible to set up to force password changes after a set number of days


Setup - Branch Setup - if the company on a branch is changed a warning is made to confirm this (in case made in error)


Infrastructure - updates to web services to improve Navigator security and reliability


When starting Navigator, if the menu had not been displayed, clicking on the main form would cause Navigator to crash


General issues with error messages when reports/grids are populating have been resolved.    At the same time, most grids/reports should populate more smoothly and in background, allowing Navigator to be used whilst reports compile.


Updates made to the Navigator install to prevent install errors on users who are not Administrators of their own PCs  


Copy/pasting from Excel was causing some strange issues - this was due to an update in Excel 2016 which meant that extra characters were being sent at the end of the data being pasted


The "filter" bar now shows almost right through Navigator to enable searching grids and reports easier


Credit Card Integration updates to till reconciliation reports and other items.


hmtoggle_plus1        Version 18.38.8


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.38.3 - Released 24/9/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.16.2 - built 15/4/18 - Not yet released -18.14.24 current version (see below)


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.24 - Released 25/06/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.22 - Released 18/06/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.21 - Release 06/06/18


hmtoggle_plus1        Update 18.14.11 - Release 14/5/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.10 - Release 8/5/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.7 - Optional Update Released 3/5/18 - can be downloaded at



hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.4 - Released 25/4/18


hmtoggle_plus1Update 18.14.3 - release 12/4/18



hmtoggle_plus1Update - Released 26/3/18



hmtoggle_plus1Initial Global Release