Rates Tables

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The hire rates tables consist of a number of plans.   Within each plan each Hire Group code has a tariff associated with it.  


There is a series of extras which are applied to the whole plan (not individual groups).






The tariff for each Plan code/Group consists of the following :-


Per Hour :        The charge per hours rental for rentals of less than one day

Per Day:                The rental charge for each complete day

Per Week:        The rental charge for each completed week

Per Week Extra Days: The rental charge for additional days in a second or subsequent week

Per Month:        The monthly rental charge (a month being defined as more than 28 days)

Per Hour Extra:        For rentals of more than one day, this is the extra hourly charge per hour

Weekend:        A weekend is defined as from Friday after 4pm through to Monday pre 10am - this is the charge for a Weekend Rental.

Fuel:                The is the charge to be raised per 1/0th of a tand of fuel.

Mileage ppm:        this is the charge to raise per mile in pence per mile

CDW?                This is a link to the extras table and is the default Collision Damage Waiver charge to be raised

CDW per hour:        For rentals of less than one day, this is the CDW charge to be raised per hour

No of days to charge Week:        This is the number of days which are rounded up to a week's rental.  For example, some tariffs may be set such that 5, 6 or 7 days are charged as a week (in which case this is set to 5)

No of hours to charge a day:        This is the number of hours that are charged before the rental is rounded up to a new complete day ie if 6 is entered, the 7th hour will be charged as a complete day's rental

Min Hours to charge on <1 day:        This is the minimum no of hours that should be charged on a rental of less than one day


Additional options: These can be added and eaxch has a description, a charge, a flag defining whether this is a daily of one-off charge. There is also an analysis code and a VAT rate.



The tariff also contains a global (ie not per plan or group) Default Deposit.  This is the deposit that is added to the hire on Cash Rentals.