Navigator and Third Parties

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Navigator can send Customer data to third parties on behalf of the dealer.


This is normally used for Warranty Claims, Centralised Service Databases or for the purposes of CSI or Service Follow up generation.


Navigator does not have any agreements with any of these third parties relating to GDPR and data processing.  Navigator is not the Data Controller in this regards, but is acting as a Data Processor on behalf of the dealer.


It is the Dealer's responsibility to ensure that the third parties are working under a suitable Data Processing agreement and that it is understood how this data is being used.  This should be outlined in the Dealer's Data Policy.  


Generally, these third parties are working on behalf of the Dealer and by-extension are covered by the Customer Preferences on the "Our Preferences" section of the customer record.


Dealer's are requested to refer to the Data Processing Agreements they have with third party processors.