What happens on May 25th?

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On implementation of GDPR, Navigator has followed the process which nearly every dealership seems to be taking to move to GDPR.


This means that the concept of Legitimate Interest is being applied to tick the Marketing selection boxes based on how the record was set prior to the implementation of GDPR.


However, we record that the record has been updated using this process rather than Opt-In.


When you have contact with the customer, you lose the right to Legitimate Interest as you have the opportunity to gain Opt-In to ongoing marketing and Navigator implements this - it does this by presenting the tick boxes to be reviewed when the record is used in workshop, a sales enquiry etc - but the tick boxes are displayed unticked (as per GDPR guidance) and need ticking appropriately


So what will happen after May 25th?


Your existing database will remain unchanged - all customer records will remain with their contact preferences checked as they were previously.


New customers added will by default not have any tick boxes checked and will need ticking as required.


Once an existing customer visits the dealership, the system will prompt for the tick boxes to be reviewed and updated.


For further information on Legitimate Interest


please see the ICO guidance here