Investigating differences through the ledger

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Sales and Purchase Ledger

Enter the number of the account where the difference has occurred.

Search “Transactions” for all postings with a date that matches the one above.

If the posting isn’t in this list, search the “Closed Transactions”.

Once found, double click on the line and review the posting; usually the problem is caused by an invoice being posted with Batch and Invoice dates in different months.


To correct: If it is an unpaid transaction, you could post a credit note with dates that match the original posting and then re-post with the correct dates. Alternatively you could note that it is a control account difference this month that will resolve itself in the next. (This is the suggested solution if the posting is a cleared transaction.





Ordinarily, this control account won’t go out of balance with the nominal.

The only way to get a transaction in or out is by making a posting for a Goods In, a Sub Contract cost or a Vehicle purchase. All of these transactions affects the control and the nominal.

In the event of a difference, the only way to correct it is to post a nominal journal and schedule the GANI entry to the relevant Purchase Ledger account.


Work in Progress and Parts Stock


As described above. A scheduling journal can be posted to correct the Work in Progress, a journal to correct the Parts Stock can’t be scheduled.

There is currently no display of balances on these lines, the control balances can be viewed by double clicking on the line and the nominal balance is retrieved from the Trial Balance.


Vehicle Stock


As above, these accounts rarely go out of balance.

If there is a difference on a line, there is usually a corresponding balance on another stock line. This can occur when a vehicle is transferred to another branch after an order has been raised.

A journal scheduled by stock number can also be posted to correct any small balances if desired.