Nominal Codes on the "Reconcile" tab

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Reconciliation of the majority of Nominal Control Accounts is done on a daily basis on Navigator, the system does it as part of the daily overnight routine.


It is expected that this report will be reviewed daily.


In Accounts>Nominal>Reports select the “Reconcile” button.

As the reconcile routine is run overnight, the earliest date you can run this report for is yesterday; running it with today’s date will return a zero report.

Select the “Report” button and Navigator will display all the key nominal control account balances with their equivalent ledger balance and display any differences between the two.


This currently covers all vehicle stock balances (excluding Consignment Stock), Sales, Purchase and GANI balances, Parts Stock and Work in Progress.



Using the “<<<” or “>>>” keys allows you to look backwards or forwards at a date other than the one displayed.


If a line displays a difference, double click on it to open up the reconciliation for the specific nominal code.

This will display a window with the total broken down by relevant reference (i.e. Account Number, Stock Number, Job Number).

The ledger will be displayed broken down by individual reference and display the difference line by line.



Any individual differences can then be investigated through both the ledger and the nominal.


Before you start the investigation, you need to determine which day the nominal and ledger went out of balance.

To do this, click the “<<<” button until the difference column is zero, then click the “>>>” key to the following day, this is the first day the difference appeared.