Nominal Codes not on the "Reconcile" tab

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Vehicle Debtors

The Vehicle Debtors “Ledger” balance can be viewed in Vehicles>Vehicle Administration>Reports>Debtors.

The “Due” column lists all outstanding vehicle debts and the “Comm Outstanding” column lists all outstanding finance commission still due on a deal. These two figures must be added together when comparing the list to the nominal.


The Vehicle Debtors Nominal can be scheduled in Accounts>Nominal>Reports>Schedule Nominal.

Each type of vehicle debtor can be scheduled individually by entering the relevant nominal code ( for Branch 1 New, for Branch 1 Used and 1.32..60.83 for Branch 1 Demonstrators).

These can be displayed together if a “*” is used instead of the department (30, 31, 32) and can be further analysed by adding a “*” at the beginning instead of the branch number.


If both these reports are exported to a spreadsheet, sorted by stock number and displayed side by side, any differences can be seen and investigated.


Most differences are as a result of a vehicle invoice being raised with an invoice date in a month other than the date of posting (i.e. posted in December with a January date). These imbalances can be corrected by crediting and re-invoicing the vehicle.



Settlement Suspense

Warranty Debtors


The Warranty Debtors “Ledger” can be found in Workshop>Warranty Ledger>Warranty Claims.

Select “Search” and all outstanding warranty ledger claims will be displayed with a Total.

These claims can be reconciled to the scheduled nominal code (See Vehicle Debtors for precise instructions).

Any differences can be corrected in the nominal by posting a journal and adding the full job number (including branch suffix) in the relevant field in the journal posting window.


Bank Account(s)


Bank accounts are reconciled via the “Cash Book”.




The Bankings nominal codes all end “60.0” and there is one for each department that accepts payments that don’t go directly to the bank.

These nominal codes should be cleared to zero; ideally each day but at the least once a week.

The normal posting for the clearing of these codes would normally be credit banking and debit either bank or tills overs/unders.