V2.1 Revision History

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Version 2.1 of Navigator contains a number of updates including the following major updates:


To watch a full extended overview of the Version 2.1 updates please click V2.1 Full Overview


User Interface


A major update in the user interface has taken place.  The look and feel of Navigator has taken a complete refresh!  This has been done to keep in line with current standards in User interface design but also reflects and takes advantage of the types of screen display that most users now view and use Navigator on.    


Navigator was designed in the days of "square" monitors where the height and width were in the ratio 4:3.  However, wide screen monitors are the norm these days, so we are able to make much more use of the increased width.


For more details of the refresh, please click here


Marketing System


The Campaign's system has also had a refresh, including the ability to support fully graphical emails along with links.   This isn't just any email system though, it's allows full tracking of the emails and includes the ability to schedule a Sales Contact should a customer click on a link to show they are interested.  


For more details on the updates, please click here.


Sales 360


The Sales Toolkit has undergone an extensive update including a name change to reflect the change to Sales 360.   A new home screen, integrated calendar and test drive booking system.  Also, new interfaces for your web site and for third parties who traditionally email in enquiries (eg Autotrader) to automatically import these into your Enquiry Manager.    


This is a major revision to the Enquiry Manager!  For more click here




This release also includes a number of software updates relating to GDPR, including updates to the way that the Marketing Preferences work, a new customer web portal and updates to the Marketing Campaign/ACM systems to deal with the new Customer Preferences


For further details, please click here


Digital Service Reception


This release includes a new Digital Service Reception which enables a Service Receptionist to use a tablet to check a customer in away from a desk - at the car, gaining a digital signature from the customer and creating a digital job card.   This is becoming a Dealer Standard for many dealers and fulfills the requirements for most brands. Click Here to see more details.



Navigator Phone


This release includes the initial release of Navigator Phone.  Please click here to find out more.