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Please see below answers to questions that are frequently asked by users of the Dms Navigator System.


If you are unable to find the answer that you require please contact our Dms Navigator Support team.



Volkswagen have introduced a requirement for us to report parts stock analysis as part of our submission for 2013;  From Volkswagen submission guide: “Parts stock aging now required (0-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-270 days and 270+ days)“. How can this be done?


Answer: Go into the Nominal Ledger and select the Reconcile Option. There are no figures, but if you report on the month end and then double click on the "Part Stock" line on the report it will recall the end of the month stock report. Export the report to spreadsheet and you will be able to analyse from there.


What are batch 0 (Non Zero Corrections) postings for in nominal account


Answer: Batch 0 postings that show in nominal code are a system self correction posting.

The system posts a o batch if it finds a batch posting that does not balance correctly to zero. The purpose of this account is to keep the accounts balanced.


How do you correct a batch 0 posting in


Answer: To correct a batch 0 posting you do the following:

1. Go into the nominal ledger and select the reports option.

2. Go into Transaction Reports and enter nominal code Also enter a To and From date then select "Report".

3. All the non zero corrections will appear as a batch zero. Keep a note of the dates of the transactions.

4. Reset the report.

5. Run another transaction report (with NO nominal code) and enter the To and From date as the date that batch 0 was posted.

    I.e From Date: 22/02/13 and To Date: 22/02/13

6. Filter the report by batch (Drag the blue box "Batch" to the grey bar are the top of the window).

7. If you now look through this report you should be able to find the batch that does not balance (they will be the only batches that do not balance         to zero).

8. Review the batch that does not balance to zero and post the relevant journals removing the figure from