Correcting Non Zero Corrections

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Finding the opposite entry for a Non Zero Correction (

Firstly, you need to find out what date the non-zero correction appeared.

As there aren’t normally many transactions on this account you should be able to run a transaction report from the beginning of the year up to the current date.

Once you have ran this report you will be able to see what date the non-zero corrections occurred.

Run a transaction report separately for each date (it’s easier to do a day at a time) with no nominal code entered. As shown below:

When the report has completed, filter the report by batch. The Non-zero batch will always appear at the top of the report as batch 0. As shown below:

If you continue to scroll down the report you will come across the batch that does not balance which should be the same figure as batch 0 (unless there is more than one figure in for the selected date).

All the batches should balance to zero so it is easy to spot those that do not. Please see the example below:

By viewing the batch it is normally easy to see (most of the time) where the opposite entry should have gone to.

Please review the below example:

You can see that the entry currently sat there is related to the gani ( and the last column shows that it is for account 1429 in company 1 (11429).

By viewing the Purchase Ledger account you can see whether it should have been a gani entry for part goods in etc.  

You can then journal the entry out of to the required nominal code.

For example:

Date: 08/08/2013 Ref: Correction for Batch: 53871 -227.45 +227.45


If you have any problems working out where the opposite entry of a Non Zero correction should go then please contact the helpdesk and they will be able to assist.