Exception List

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To access the exception list go into the contact methods tab and then select the button for the exception list.




The below window will appear when the exception button has been pressed.




The exception list is used to stop specific customers appearing on the SMS and Email method. This does not apply to the letters or telephone methods.


Close - This button will close the above window.


Add - This will take you into the customer search function (please click here for more information). You can then select the customer to exclude from SMS/Email.


Once you have selected the customer the below window will appear: -




Exclude for Email - This option will exclude the customer from appearing on the Email method.


Exclude for SMS - This option will exclude the customer from appearing on the SMS method.


Master file override - If this option is selected the customer will be excluded from Email/SMS even if the Email/Mobile number has changed. If this option is unticked and the Email/Mobile number is changed, then the customer will be allowed back onto the ACM.


Remove - This option will allow you to remove customers from the exception list. To do this highlight the correct customer and press the remove button.