Workstation Setup

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The Workstation Setup screen allows setup of the standard printers used by that PC.  There are other settings here which should only be updated under guidance from Navigator Helpdesk or Implementation Consultants.


The Workstation Setup screen looks like :-


Workstation Setup Screen

Workstation Setup Screen



There are 5 printers that can be defined for the workstation.   All of which default to the Windows Default printer, which for most tasks should be correct.   A different printer can be selected by clicking the "Update" button next to the relevant printer, which then allows the selection of any printer setup on the PC:-


Selecting Printer

Selecting Printer



The 5 printers that can be updates are :-


Invoice Printer


Where invoices, order forms and any headed paper based document is printed.


Job Cards


Where job cards are printed (this can often be a printer configured to select a second bin on a printer so that card or different colour paper can be used)


Portrait Report Printer


Reports which are generated and are narrow enough to print Portrait onto A4 paper will be printed here


Landscape Report Printer


All other reports print here


Bar code Printer


Bar codes printed from the parts goods in system are printed here, the type of printer can also be selected.