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The valuation tab is for the calculation of the value of the part exchange.




Reconditioning costs - this is the estimated cost of reconditioning costs for the part exchange

Paintwork - enter the estimated value of paint reconditioning costs

Mechanical - enter the estimated value of mechanical reconditioning costs

Internal - enter the estimated value of internal reconditioning costs

Total - this will automatically calculate the total of Paintwork, mechanical and internal costs.


Settlement - this is if the part exchange is still on finance and has a settlement.

Balance - Settlement figure

Date - date of settlement figure


Road Fund Licence - current road fund licence for the part exchange

No months purchased - how long it has been purchased for

Full months remaining - how many months remaining for RFL

Amount Paid - total amount paid for RFL


Customer Allowance - the amount potentially given to the customer for the part exchange

PX allowance - total amount customer is given for the PX

Valuation date - the date the PX was valued


Prices - the sales price for the PX

Stand In Value - amount that the part exchange will be sold for

PX RFL Value - the part exchange road fund licence value