Transfer to SL (Commission)

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To transfer the commission due on a stock record to a Sales Ledger account you do the following.


Go to the Navigator Main menu and select Vehicles. In the drop down menu that appears select Vehicle Administrators Toolkit.


The following window will appear:




Search for the required Stock Record. When the Stock Record appears on screen select the Debtors tab. A window similar to the below will appear:




Select the Transfer to SL button. The following window will appear:




Account - enter the account number in the Account field and click tab on your keyboard. The system will automatically pull the account details. If you are unsure of the account number, you can enter part of the sales ledger name and click Search. The system will search for all suppliers who's account names includes the letter combination entered.


For example, by entering “volks” and clicking Search the system will bring up all Volkswagen suppliers. An example is shown below:




Commission Fully Paid? - if the commission is fully paid tick this option. This will mark the commission as fully paid and leave nothing outstanding. If the commission is not fully paid leave this option unticked.


Once complete, click OK.


Transferring a commission to a Sales Ledger account will mark the commission as paid on the Stock Record and nominal ledger for account 83. The amount will then transfer to the Sales Ledger account.