Submitting a VAT Return

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Submitting a VAT return using Making Tax Digital is similar in concept to the previous systems.


Entering the VAT Return System in Navigator will display the normal VAT page showing your current VAT Quarter details.




Clicking on the "Making Tax Digital" menu button will display your current VAT return. The detail behind this is in the "View Reports" option








You can adjust VAT returns only by posting Nominal Journals to one of the two VAT accounts, or by processing invoices or credit notes dated within the period.


To submit the VAT return to HMRC using Making Tax Digital, click on "Submit to HMRC". This will pop up the following confirmation :-




You will be prompted to enter a reference for the VAT return payment on the nominal ledger transaction and the date of the next VAT period completion :-





Clicking Close Period will submit the VAT Return.  Any errors will be displayed, but if successful the following screen will be displayed :-