Sales Report

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The Sales Report shows an overall value for sales in the select Month.


rental sales report


This is a report which covers all branches and the complete fleet of vehicles including vehicles on Contracted vehicles.


The rows displayed are as follows :-


Rental Invoiced:     This is the total value of the hire charge only on all rental invoices raised so far during the month.

Rental Out:         This is the potential invoice value for the month selected for all rental agreements that are in process at the time of reporting (ie the customer has the vehicle but has not yet returned it)

Rental Bookings:          This is the potential value of all rental bookings which are due to go out this month. The value is only the rental income applicable in the current month.

Contract income:  This is the value of income accounted for on all contract vehicles (ie non daily-rental vehicles)

Holding Costs:       This is the total cost of depreciation and interest on all vehicles allocated to the branch.


Profit:                This is the total income less the total Holding Costs applicable to this branch

Budget:                This is the monthly profit target for the month

Variance:        This is the variance between the profit and the budgeted target profit for the month.