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To post a Sales Ledger receipt go to the Navigator Main Menu and select Accounts. In the drop down Menu that appears select Sales Ledger. A window similar to the below will then display:




Enter the following information:


Nominal Date

Cash Received

Payment Type



Once the above has been entered select the Allocate button. The window will look similar to the below:




Double click the invoices that you want to allocated against the cash received amount. The figure will then appear in the Allocated column.


If you want to part pay an invoice - right click the required line. The following will then appear:




Select the option to part pay. The following pop up window will then display:




Enter the required amount and select Ok to confirm. The figure will then appear in the Allocated column.


At the bottom of the window it shows you the amount To Allocate, the amount Allocated and the amount Unallocated.


Once complete, select the Post button. The invoices on the Sales Ledger account will then be marked as paid and clear to Cleared Transactions.