Processing a Credit Card Transaction

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When Invoices and Receipts are processed in one of the following processes the credit card machine allocated to the PC will then request the credit card payment.  Should this fail then the invoice/receipt process will also fail.


The processes are as follows :-


Parts Invoicing


When completing the Parts Sales and the payment type is selected as "Credit Card" :-




Workshop - Processing a Payment


From within a workshop job, a payment to the job can be processed before the job is released.    This is used when deposits are processed, or when payment is taken before the vehicle is released (e.g. when planning on returning the car to the customer).clip0706


From within Job Processing, click the "Post Receipt" button :-




The amount is entered along with an optional reference and reason.   Selecting "Credit Card" as the payment type will then transfer these details to the credit card machine to take the payment


Workshop - Releasing a Job


When Releasing a workshop job, any Credit Card payment is transferred to the credit card machine to process :-




Vehicle Administration - Posting Receipt


When a receipt is posted to a vehicle, if the payment type is marked as "Credit Card" then the amount posted will be transferred to the credit card terminal to collect :-



Sales Ledger Receipt


When posting a Sales Ledger receipt, if the payment type is entered as Credit Card, then this will be collected from the Credit Card Terminal :-