Pre Check Report

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The Workshop Pre-Check Report allows a workshop to report on and keep track of Workshop Jobs that are due in and ensure that they have had the job card pre-checked for Warranty Recalls and other items that may be required prior to the car arriving.


The report will prompt for a date to report to (normally 2-3 days time) and then report all jobs with appointment dates between now and then which have not been marked as pre-checked:-





It is possible to double click on each job, line by line and then pre-check the vehicles. Clicking on the "Confirm Pre Check" button on the job to mark as complete:-




When clicked, you will be prompted to confirm that the Pre Check has been completed on this job :-





The job will then mark that the precheck is complete (by showing the tick box at the bottom) and also show in the history :-






It is possible to mark a job as Pre-Checked multiple times (many franchise standards require checks pre-appointment,before starting work and when work has been completed) so this provides a useful log that this has been done.


It is possible to print that this has been done and by whom on the workshop job card (which is often required for Franchise Standards) - Please contact the Helpdesk to gain more details if you need this.