New Vehicle Administrators Toolkit

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The vehicle administrators toolkit provides a Sales Administrator with all the tools for vehicle processing.    


The vehicle administration toolkit looks as below :-





The opening screen allows a vehicle to be searched for using a number of criteria for that vehicle to be selected for processing.


Alternatively, there are a number of options available on the button bar :0


Toolkit :-


Add Vehicles


New        -        Create a new vehicle

Used        -        Create a Used Vehicle




Sales Order                -        Create a Sales Order

Update Customer        -        Access and update a customer record

Vehicle                        -        Search for a vehicle - this is the open option when the Vehicle Administrators toolkit is first opened.

Batch Invoice                -        Allows multiple vehicles to be invoiced in one go

Purchase Orders        -        View and post Purchase


Auction System


Gives the ability to define vehicles to go to auction and to quickly sell the vehicles once the auction has ended.




Change Branch                -        switch to processing vehicles in another Branch within 'Navgator

Logout                        -        Logout and require re-login

Close                        -        Exit the Vehicle Administrators toolkit




Import vehicle changes in bulk from a CSV text file