Key Nos

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To access the Key Nos tab on a Stock Record go to the Navigator Main menu and select Vehicles. In the drop down menu that appears select Vehicle Administrators Toolkit.


The following window will appear:




Search for the required Stock Record. When the Stock Record appears on screen select the tab for Key Nos. A window similar to the below will appear:




For more information on searching for a stock record please click here.


Ignition Key No - enter the vehicles ignition key number.


Immobiliser Code - enter the vehicles immobiliser code.


Alarm Code - enter the vehicles alarm code.


Door Key - enter the vehicles door key number.


Boot Key - enter the vehicles boot key number.


Radio Code - enter the vehicles radio code.


CD Code - enter the vehicles CD code.


Telephone Code - enter vehicles telephone code


Etch Code - enter vehicles etch code


Audio Serial No - enter the vehicles audio serial number