Invoice Report

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This window allows you to view Service invoices raised within the selected date range.


Invoice report



The invoice report lists every invoice created within the data range and for the type of invoice/ branches selected.


The columns on the report are as follows :-


Inv No


The is the internal Navigator Invoice no for the invoice.


Job No


This is the job card that the invoice was generated from


Invoice Type


This is the type of invoice, eg Customer, Warranty, Internal, Sales, Insurance, Other, Lease Co




This is the Make of the Vehicle on the Job Card




This is the primary Technician on the Job




This is the date of the invoice




This is the customer Name




This is the customer category attached to the customer




This is the branch no that the invoice belongs to




This is the number of hours of labour invoiced on the job




This is the Labour Charge




This is the discount given on the job by way of Menu Pricing.  If negative this means that the Menu Price makes the invoice higher than it would have been without it.




This is the effective overall hourly labour rate on the invoice


Sub Con Sale


This is the Sale Price of Sub Contract Items on the Invoice


Sub Con Profit


This is the profit on Sub Contract Items on the Invoice




This is the sale price of Part lines on the Invoice


Parts Profit


This is the profit on Parts Lines on the invoice


Oil Sales


This is the sale price of Oil on the invoice (Oil is defined as parts with a Franchise code of Oil & Lubricants)


Oil Profit


This is the profit of Oil on the invoice


Non Labour


This is the total of non labour/part/oil items on the invoice


Total Profit


This is the total profit generated on this invoice


Job Count


This allows a count of jobs on the report.  The first invoice from each job card counts as a +1, the first credit a -1 and any secondary invoices/credits are zero. It is effectively a job count.


Time Taken


This is the time taken allocated to this job card


Labour Cost of Sale


If a Hourly effective cost is assigned to a technician, then the job will calculate the cost of labour based on this cost multiplied by the time sold.  This is blended and averaged based on the Technician time allocated to the job.