Import a Journal

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It is possible to prepare a nominal journal from a text file.


These text files are typically created using Microsoft Excel and are saved in Comma Seperated Value (csv) format.


The file should have the following structure:


Line 1 : column headings


The available column headings are :


Nominal Code        




Stock No

Account No

Job No


The nominal code and amount are the minimum required.


Line 2 onwards : Journal Lines


Each line thereafter has the journal details for that line.





The nominal code needs to be prefixed by the company no - ie NOT


Example :


Image 1


In Excel, to save this file as CSV, choose the option to "Save As..." and then select file type of "CSV" eg :


Image 2


Importing Journal



To import the journal, in the nominal ledger, click on the "Post Journal" button.


Make sure the nominal ledger date is set for the posting BEFORE you import the file (you can't change it afterwards!).


On the right hand side of the window is an "Import from File" button.


Click this, and then search for the CSV file that has been prepared.


The journal should appear on window as if you had typed it in:-


Image 3


The journal can then be edited, added to or posted as normal.