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Please see below answers to questions that are frequently asked by users of the Dms Navigator System.

If you are unable to find the answer that you require please contact the Dms Navigator Support team.


How do you reconcile the WIP?


How do you reconcile Parts?


How do you reconcile Vehicle Stock?

How do you reconcile the Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger?


How do your reconcile Vehicle Debtors?

How do you reconcile Warranty Debtors?

How do you reconcile the GANI?

Volkswagen have introduced a requirement for us to report parts stock analysis as part of our submission for 2013;  From Volkswagen submission guide: “Parts stock aging now required (0-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-270 days and 270+ days)“. How can this be done? 


What are batch 0 (Non Zero Corrections) postings for in nominal account


How do you correct a batch 0 posting in