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The Details tab on the Sales Ledger displays the contact information for the account. I.e. Telephone, email address.




Via this window you can also view the customer/business record for the account by select the View Customer button. Please click here for more information.


On this window you can enter/amend the following information:


Name - this the name of the account

House No/Name - Enter the house name or house number of the account

Address - this field will populate automatically if you enter the postcode first. Please note, if you enter the postcode afterward's, it will override what has been entered into the address field

Postcode - enter the postcode

Non-UK - if this option is ticked the address and postcode field become free text

Telephone - enter the accounts telephone number

Facsimile - enter the accounts fax number

Email - enter the accounts email address

Send Statements by Email - tick this option if you would like the account to automatically be send their statement via email during the Statement run. For more information regarding Statements please click here

DDI - Direct Dial Inwards

Mobile - enter the accounts mobile number

Maintenance Authority - enter the maintenance authority

Contact - enter the name of the main contact for the account