Customer User Defined Fields

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The customer user defined fields define fields that relate to a customer record.  Each field is given the following details :-


name -


The field name on screen




The type of information to be stored in the field :-


Text - a text data entry box

Numeric - a data entry box that only allows numbers to be entered

Currency - a data entry box that allows numbers to be entered containing 2 decimal places ie a price

Date - a data entry box which contains a date - and also displays a date-picker

Time - a data entry box which contains a time

Check Box - a tickable on/off check box

Lookup - select from a list of options (these options are setup

Memo - a multilined text box




User defined fields can be grouped into pages - all fields with the same group name will be displayed together.


Field No


This defines the order of the fields on the page


Deleted Fields


User defined fields can't be removed from the database as there may be records on file with data stored.  Ticking the deleted check box will prevent display of the field





To setup a new field click "Add", or double click on an existing field to edit :-