Creating a Standard Job

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To create a standard job you do the following:


Select a required job page in the drop down list. Once you have selected the required job page select the Create Job button on the right hand side of the window.


create new standard job


The below window will appear:


create new standard job box


Enter the following details:

Invoice Text : this is the text that appears on customer invoices

window Text - this is a shorter text for the job which appears on window lists of the jobs

Additional Job Card Notes - this is additional text that appears on the job card (eg reminding the technician to

Select a Job Type

Select a Vat Code

Enter a Nominal Code


You can setup Standard Times and Prices by select New Time button.


The following window will then appear on window:


jobs times setup


Fill in the following details:

Model details if required

Job Time Charged

Set Labour Charge

Job Time Scheduled (leave blank for same as charged)

Menu Price (Inc VAT)


Select Update to Save.


If all the Job Setup is correct select Update in the bottom right hand corner of the window to Save.