Create P/O

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To create a Purchase Order select the Create P/O button at the top of the window.


This will then bring the Search facility up on window where you can search for the asset you are creating the P/O against either by registration number or fleet number.


Create PO


A window similar to the below will then appear. This is the window to create a purchase order against the selected Asset.


Create PO 1


The first section of the window shows the vehicle details and whether the vehicle is current out with a customer or still onsite.


At the bottom of the window you have the following tabs:

Purchase Order - this is where the Purchase Order is created by entering the supplier details, the description of work, vehicle mileage and value - you then select Generate P/O to create the Purchase Order.

Service History - this shows the Service History for the vehicle (asset) selected.

O/S Purchase Orders - this shows any other current outstanding purchase orders for the selected vehicle (asset).