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Navigator has a full two way interface with AutoVHC.


This interface allows AutoVHC to retrieve job card details from Navigator automatically and present jobs for Vehicle Health Checks to be processed.


Once Amber or Red work has been authorised, AutoVHC is interfaced with Navigator to easily identify parts required, their pricing and stock levels (from Navigator) without having to key the part numbers into Navigator.


On authorisation of extra work generated by the Vehicle Health Check, the work description, labour charge and time allowed is transferred automatically to the job card without any retyping, and an electronic Parts Picking Request is made to the parts department.


The Parts department can then book out the Parts requested without having to retype any of the part number/quantities.


The interface reduces all of the double keying of information that would otherwise be in place for uses of AutoVHC, making the process more efficient and assisting in the upsell process.


The remainder of this guide is in several sections :-


AutoVHC Interface


This describes the relevant interfaces from the AutoVHC perspective and how information is transferred to and from Navigator.


Booking Parts to the Job


This section describes how the Parts department are aware of Parts Picking requests from within Navigator and how these parts are then booked out.


Job Lines/Labour Costs Transferred


This section highlights how a job that has been authorised in AutoVHC is displayed on the Navigator job card.




This section highlights a few items that an AutoVHC user should be aware of when interfacing with Navigator


For more information, please view the video runthrough below :-