Autoexposure Vehicle Web Feed

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Navigator can automatically feed to web sites maintained by Autoexposure ( / Cox Automotive).


For this to function you will need an ftp address, login and password from AutoExposure and a "feed id" - each branch in Navigator can have a separate feed id but there can only be one ftp login.


To enter these in, login to each branch and click Interfaces > AutoExposure:-














Enter the details into this form and click save.


A typical Autoexposure vehicle display looks like :-






The images are automatically uploaded from the Vehicle Images tab on the stock record (up to 25 images) and the vehicle specific information is uploaded from the Advertising tab on the vehicle as described in the image above and as viewed on the stock record below :-





The Price uses either the Web Price if is populated or the Sale Price otherwise.    


The tick boxes on the advertising tab are used to update the details on the online advert.