Aftersales Contact Management (ACM)

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To gain access to the Aftersales Contact Management (ACM) go to the Navigator Main menu and select Marketing. In the drop down list that appears select Aftersales Contact Management.

The below window will then appear:


Above is an example of how the After Contact Management can be configured. This can be changed to suite different needs. A project planning sheet will be sent to confirm setup configuration.

Contacts will go through the different methods at different times depending on lead day configuration. All methods should be processed every three days minimum. Daily recommended.

Please note, that if a customer is due both a Service and MOT, the system will only display the one on the ACM.

On the appointment window, the Maintenance field will highlight yellow if a Service/MOT/VHC is due. When the dealers customer is booking the appointment it is the responsibility of the Service Adviser to review the Maintenance and advise the customer if their Service/MOT/VHC is also due.